Floral decoration

At Flors Lloveras we are dedicated to turning special moments into unforgettable experiences through our exquisite floral decoration. We are passionate about flowers and believe that their unique beauty can transform any space.

Decoració floral Flors Lloveras

Corporate events

Esdeveniments corporatius

Our team of floral designers creates customised arrangements that adapt to the theme and style of your event. Plants and floral decoration for meetings, conventions, business dinners. Custom budgets.


Celebrate the most important day of your life with the magic of flowers! At Flors LLoveras we are specialists in wedding floral decoration:

We design bridal bouquets that capture the essence and personality of each bride.

We transform every corner of the celebration into a floral oasis: from the ceremony to the reception, we create a magical atmosphere that reflects the love and joy of your special day.

Bring your reception tables to life with spectacular centerpieces and floral details that add elegance and sophistication to your celebration.